Kundli Matching

Rocky Kamboj provides Horoscope Matching Services.

He takes into account not just Ashtkoota System of Kundli Matching but also the Lagna Chart and Navamsa Chart.

Their are sometimes Doshas in Ashtkoota Matching which also has Rules for Cancellation ( Parihar ) of a Dosha.

He also prefers to judge the Mutual Affinity of Two individuals based upon Lagna Chart and Navamsa Charts than just Ashtkoota. Because it has been seen many a times that even though a high number of Gunas is matching still there is mutual incompatibility between a couple.

 Horoscope Matching | Kundli Matching service according to Ashtkoot System and Planetary Affinity in Horoscope.


Marriage Astrologer in MOHALI

Horoscope Match Making

for Finding

Whether the Relationship will be Fruitful with each other ?

Is there any real Compatibility or is it just attraction ?

Will the Future be Bright Together or Not ?

Horoscope Matching with Business Partners

Also get Answers to following Question related to Relationships and Married Life. 

Delay in Marriage without any Reasons ?

No Happiness in Marital Life ?

Divorce Problem in Horoscope ?

Infidelity of Life Partner ?

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage in Horoscope ?

Long Distance Relationship not Working out ?

Is there any Yoga to Get Married or Not and will stay Single Forever ?

Gunas do not Match in Kundli but Is there any Hope ?

In the Ashtkoota System following are the maximum number of points and significations

Varna – 1 – Spiritual Development

Vashya – 2 – Natural Adjustment

Tara -3 – Intensity of Relationship

Yoni – 4 – Latent Characteristics

Graha Maitri – 5 – Psychological Disposition

Gana – 6 – Conjugal Harmony

Bhakoot – 7 – Mutual Compatibility

Nadi – 8 – Physiological Factors

His own findings in the research by matching thousands of horoscopes in his lifetime indicate that the Ashtkoot System of matching is just a part of the matching horoscopes. The compatibility between two individuals is also dependent upon other factors of planetary matching in horoscopes including Janma Lagna and Navamsa Lagna.